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SMS app for Ericsson WWAN module


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Did anyone find application to use SMS message with Ericsson WWAN card on Mavericks?   I search hardly for  Ericsson or any OEM vendors' application on OSX.   still nothing.  So there is no way to read message from SIM with Ericsson WWAN card on OSX.

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I decided to use the "hard" way to solve the problem - I asked T-Mobile to activate SIM card with Ericsson F5521gw installed on Thinkpad T420 with Mavericks 10.9.2.  T-Mobile created a broadband phone number for the SIM card and also an online account for that phone line.  I knew the phone number immediately during the conversation with T-Mobile representative, but temporary password for the online account is sent to the SIM card, no way to know that, even T-Mobile guy cannot tell me what it is.  No SMS application for Ericsson WWAN card I can find from anywhere for MAC  OSX.  So I either need to install MS Windows and use  a Windows SMS application to get the password from SIM,  or use "AT" command on Mavericks to read the SMS message directly.

I tried the later approach to solve the issue. 

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Download one free MAC OSX application called CoolTerm from here and install it.

CoolTerm is serial port communication software which I can use to send AT command to my broadband modem.  there are a few those kinds software available for MAC OSX. I choose that because it is easy to start with.


Run CoolTerm -  The first thing I need to configure it to talk to WWAN card which is Ericsson F5521gw.

After Ericsson F5521gw installed properly,  I can check all serial devices on my machine by typing this command line in Terminal Window:

ls /dev/cu.*

it shows:



The last 3 items are Ericsson F5521gw,  2 of them show as dial-up modem, one as WWAN device, That exactly matches System Preference -> Network with Ericsson F5521gw (as 2 usb modems, one wwan).

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From CoolTerm menu, Select Connection->Options,  for Port: choose "wwan" value from the drop down list, 115200 as Baudrate, and click OK button


Then it is ready to connect to WWAN ,  hit Connect square icon:


Everything seems good for me to communicate with  Ericsson F5521gw,  try my "AT" command, response "OK", Ericsson F5521gw is ready.


I want to confirm and read my phone number from SIM card,  by typing "AT+CNUM" in the window", it return the broadband number immediately:


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For SMS message,  some modem has 2 modes to show it ,  Encoded(0) or Text(1) mode.   others such as Ericsson F5521gw, only Encoded mode. 

Text mode is easy for human to read it directly.  by typing  AT+CMGF=?,  Modem will return (0) only or (0) +(1)

if there is (1)  returned,   AT+CMGF=1  can switch Modem to show SMS as text directly.  for me,  no luck for that.  I can only read SMS with encoded mode,  type AT+CMGL to show all messages in SIM card:




I saw 3 messages,  not a big deal, there is free online SMS decoder to use,  copy and paste the data,  decode it as text:





Done,   SMS messages  are read and translated!

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