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APPLE AR5BXB72 AR5008 in the D630


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First I'm sorry, but I don"t speak (write) English well.

I have a little problem with my D630.

My D630 have Intel 4965Wlan card, so i change it this card: http://www.ebay.com/itm/APPLE-AR5BXB72-AR5008-802-11N-Wireless-WiFi-Mini-PCI-E-/280606658113?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item415575ce41

The SL 10.6.8. works very well, with the EDP 1.9, but the AR5BXB72 AR5008 ([168c:0024] (rev 01)] Wifi card is not working.

I try many IO80211Family.kext (with the correct id-s pci168c,24), and many IOPCIFamily.kext, but not working.

The card works wery well in Windows, but OSx the WIFI Led not lightning or blinking.


So please help me guys!


Thank you!

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i had issue with ar5bxb72 or ar5bxb62.

error offset 0x100 ffffffff ( due to device id 1C .. once i changed in linux to 1014 it gave no error)


what works for me is AR5B91 or BCM94321MC


i was able to make AR5BXB62 by rebranding to IBM 1014 subsystem 58A and using atherofix.kext (modded it with 1014)


best is to change to the 2 models i posted above.


EDIT: i read somewhere the Airport PCMCIA kext is causing this. i havent tested it.

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