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Trouble turning system off


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Hey guys,

I've got a little problem. So this time I've installed Mavericks following kreye's steps and I've added DSDT by redracer because after sleep I didn't have any backlight. And the only thing is that my Hackpad doesn't turn off. It's just like it gets display off, HDD stops working but processor is still working. I had the same with reboot but I've repaired that with multifail - EvReboot or something like that.
When I want to power off I have to power off and then hard power by button or reboot, and while BIOS is loading I'm hard powering off by button.
Any ideas?


P.S I don't have any problem with dead USB after sleep. My wireless mouse and disk connected to USB works flawlessly so it's a bit weird too isn't it?

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