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Asus s56cb mavericks


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First of all, you said you tried a tuto. Well, if you opened this topic, something fails in what you've tried. Try to find what :-). We can't help you if you don't tell us what is wrong :-).


OS X was created and is updated to work on specific hardware (Apple Hardware). For example, there are only drivers (kexts in OS X) for the hardware you can find on Mac. But some great people create some kexts to allow us to run OS X on PCs :-).


Installing OS X o a PC is not like installing windows : with OS X you will learn new things about your PC and his component, and about OS X itself (how it works). This is often the only way to have a stable OS X :-)


I know this can be a little difficult at the beginning, but we are here to answer to your questions :-)



Let's begin ! Try to start OS X in verbose mode :-)

Verbose mode means you will see a lot of log lines at startup instead of the OS bootlogo (an apple for OS X ;-))

Don't be afraid of all this lines, you will understand what this means :-)

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