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I've been researching how to enable the subwoofer for my Asus G75vw for sometime now and have hit a brick wall. I've found how the ubuntu developers got it working here:


and attempted to do the same with some AppleHDA patching in mavericks. Unfortunately, despite having everything exactly as they had and after trying numerous other ideas like different amp values, pin configs, and path maps, the closest I can get is to have the subwoofer detected with volume control and everything, but no sound coming out of it. Also, the internal mic doesn't work either.


The issue is that in the proper path map for the subwoofer, there's an out of range widget (3e) which causes alas-mixer, applehda, or whatever to be unable to trace the path map and thus unable to detect the subwoofer.


VoodooHDA works perfectly for everything except the subwoofer due to the issue above. Due to AppleHDA not panning out, I'm hoping that I can patch VoodooHDA to skip widget 3e and do what alsa-mixer in ubuntu now does thanks to the ubuntu developer patch. Does anyone know where in the source code I need to go to patch this and how?


Edit: Got it patched

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