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Thinkpad X201 getting pretty hot (Thinkpad Fan Control/Speedstep Control?)


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(This was essentially posted at insanelymac.com, i've just added some more information)



i finally got an X201 over my X200s (i just couldn't get the MHD4500X to work), swapped the nice X200s WXGA+ Screen over to the X201 and made a MyHack USB-Stick with the Bootpack. Install worked okay-ish (had to use -x and it took nearly forever).


i5-520M, Intel HD Graphics, 60 GB SSD, 1440x900 Screen. Fresh thermal paste, clean and dust free.

For the EDP Install, i had to use the AppleACPIPlatformxxx Fix and ACPI Battery Manager. Without the Fix i couldn't get past some Backtracing and "waitForSystemMapper", and without the ACPI Battery Manager i had no only a fixed battery percentage.


With Windows 7/8.1 the Fan isn't even on most of the time. The CPU Temp is barely cracking 50°C while just surfing the Web, with getting up to about 55°C. Then the Fan kicks in on a very low speed until it's down to 50ish°C. But i always use TPFanControl - but that isn't really the point...


With OSX 10.9.3 the Fan is running all the time, but on a very constant speed (from the noise, i would say about 2500-3500 rpm, so about 40-50%, max. RPM is 6900). The CPU Temp is hovering about 55-60°C all the time.


SpeedStep seems to be working, because HWMonitor shows it clocking down to 1.2 GHz. But since 1.2 GHz are enough for light surfing without any "effects" and some text writing...i would love to "pin" the CPU to 1.2 GHz...


So bottom line is: Is it possible to control the Fan and/or clocks? It looks like that the Governor is clocking up pretty fast. CPUThrottler doesn't work with my installation - and i have no idea where to start.


So maybe someone can give me some tips^^


Edit: Just out of curiousity, i've got the transparent Finder Bar, i can watch YT Videos and i also have the preview screensaver. But in OpenGL Extensions Viewer there is only the "AppleSoftware Renderer" unless i change the OpenGL Profile...do i have HW-Acceleration or is it all done with software? Because i didn't change the Kext

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