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D620 graphics issue


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Hi all,


I have been trying to install Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my Dell D620 for a couple of days now, and I wanted to share my results:

- SPECS: Intel Core Duo T2300 @ 1,66Ghz, 3 GB RAM, GMA945 video, Dell WLAN, 80 GB harddrive.

- BIOS: disabled FIR, cell phone, serial and parallel (don't need it anyhow, set graphics to internal only)

- OSX: 10.6.3 snow leopard retail DVD (original). Made .dmg image with TransMac (great tool!) and formatted a 16GB USB stick with that image (also with TransMac) on a Windows machine

- MOD: NAWCOM V0.3.1 boot with external monitor disconnected and USB inserted (so it is recognised as bootable OSX install image)

- start boot from OSX image with following flags to prevent kernel panic: mach_kernel platform=X86PC ACPI=off CPUS=1

- wait until screen turns black and connect external monitor

- partition disk in 2 partitions with Disk Util, format 1st partition with label "Macintosh HD", leave 2nd partition untouched

- customise nothing and install OSX: wait 30 minutes.


Now it becomes strange:

- the very 1st try I got OSX running, with default graphics 1024x768, everything seemed to work (wireless, sound, mounting, etc.)

- I installed a GMA950....pkg for snow leopard which broke the graphics (both on the laptop display & the external monitor)

- No problem I thought, I just re-install and choose another kext for the graphics, BUT.....\


Now, when I restart after a fresh install I see NOTHING, neither on the laptop screen nor the external monitor (sometime a gray screen on the external monitor and a mouse), but I hear the 1st boot music, and I know what it expects me to do (choose a country of origin).

I can't seem to get past this problem. What I've tried so far:

- install W7 -> graphics work just fine (everything works fine)

- install IPC 10.5.6 PPF5 with GMA950 kext selected -> graphics work just fine, everything I tried worked just fine

- tried boot flags like "Graphics Mode"="1440x900x32" -> no result

- booted -s and tried to edit com.apple.boot.plist to add graphics mode key, but in single mode the file system is read-only, I don't know how to edit this file.


Can anyone please help me with this, it is driving me crazy. I have seen this work, and that is the frustrating part, I cannot get it to work again. Is there a way to install the GMA950 kext prior to 1st boot?


All help is highly appreciated!

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I have progressed. I got through the initial setup with the narrator. Next, I booted in safe mode. I connected an external display, switched displays several time using Fn+F8 and all of a sudden: I had a display. I think the trick is: leave the system switched to an external display, then remove display cable, the laptop switches back to the internal display and then it works. I installed the GMA950 kexts (post command on D620 iso) and rebooted and voila! Next I installed EDP 1.9 (great tools). Now I have enabled multi core and QE and everything is still working. In the mean time I have upgraded to 10.6.8 and everything is still working. Next plan is to install W7 on another partition and get dual boot working.


Any advise on how to get dual boot running?

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