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New to community, have some questions


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First of all, hello to everyone here I hope you are all doing well.  Thank you for this resource.


I have a couple questions I am hoping ya'll can help me with.  I have a Latitude d630, intel gfx version 1280x800 resolution.  I am looking to put lion on it.  The only potential trouble I am seeing is that I use Linux and have no access to any mac hardware.  I found a way to restore the dmg to my usb in order to install but the guide mentions using myhack to integrate some things?  Does anyone know of any Linux based solutions for this?


I appreciate anyone's help, I have run a hackentosh in the past so I am a bit familiar with SOME of the procedures.



Edit: Well after reading about it it seems that my intel wireless is not supported so this will ultimately prove to be a fruitless endevor.  Unless I decide to grab the broadcom card out of my vostro.

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