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Clear instructions for upgrade?


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So I've managed to get Snow Leopard installed on my d630 2.6ghz with Intel graphics and 1440x900 screen. I had to use an older DSDT that was created in a separate thread (for EDP 1.8). The EDP 1.9 thread for the same configuration had a newer DSDT but it will not work on my machine. I made the pen drive by following wiki instructions and then replacing the preboot.dmg with the one which had the older DSDT. This worked for the install. I then ran EDP 1.9, saying yes to almost everything, then I ran lizard to change the resolution (just incase it's necessary) and finally replaced the new DSDT with the older one from the preboot.dmg. Everything works except for sleep.


I've looked for upgrade instructions on the wiki, but all I can see is to run upgrades. Should this be done via the software updater or the combo update file? Do I need to do anything to the machine prior to reboot? Do I run EDP again and when should I do this?


I tried to upgrade to 10.6.8 via combo update and then run EDP prior to reboot (which is how I've needed to do upgrades on my desktop), and replaced the DSDT again, but that wound up with a white screen with the apple and not even a spinning wheel. I could try this with lots of trial and error, but I figured I'd ask if anyone had a clear upgrade path.


Thanks so much for all the work that you've all put into this. It's exciting to have OS X running on this machine!

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