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Custom ASUS AMI EFI Firmware


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Hello everyone!


New member here, sorry for my english. I'm french, but i will try to do my best.

Don't hesitate to tell me if something goes wrong.


Since couples of days I'm working on own Asus flash their AMI EFI Firmware.

Well, Some laptop has a vulnerability and flash without verifications when WinFlash give them the ROM.

But WinFlash, of course, check the ROM. So I decided to search when WinFlash check the ROM and forced it to accept the ROM.


It work on some Ivy Bridge ASUS AMI EFI bios for now..

Does not work on Haswell ASUS AMI EFI for now..


Try it and tell me if it work on your laptop or not.


If anyone has any idea in order to extend the compatibility of this trick, don't hesitate.


How to enjoy this method :



* Require *

Laptop with Asus AMI EFI firmware.
Some time.

Original WinFlash
Original ROM
Modified ROM


Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1

* How to flash with custom ROM *

1. Download the last revision of your BIOS at Asus website.
2. Download AMIBCP 4.53
3. Modify whatever you want then save as "Modified.REV", ex: (XF750J.208 to MODIFIED.208)
4. Open notepad++ and write some char and let notepad open without saving.
4. Run patched WinFlash and select the untouched BIOS data
5. Clic exit
6. When Windows say that notepad does not allow shutdown, clic on "abord".
7. (Optionnal) If you have USBChargerPlus on your laptop, you should restart it (C:\Program Files x86\Asus\..)
8. Run patched WinFlash again, this time select the modified BIOS data then clic Flash and exit.
9. Your laptop should flash the custom ROM, if not, you'll have to wait.

* !! NOTE !! *
If WinFlash does not recognize your ROM DO NOT TRY TO FLASH YOUR LAPTOP ! Risk of brick.
Don't do it unless you have a SPIFlasher in hand with backup..

* Finally *

Hope this will work for you guy !
Enjoy it !


Do not forget to read the README before doing anything !

Do it at your own risk !


If you want to patch it your self..

Open WinFlash.exe with your favorite hex editor.


1. First pass


Search for E84C64000085C07509 and change it to E84C64000085C0EB09


2. Second pass


Patch 837DE00074118B to 837DE000EB118B (Appear 3 times)


Github: https://github.com/Ousret/Asus-WinFlash-Custom

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ousret


for those who dislike Github..: In attachement..


WinFlash Patch 1.zip

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