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Issues installing Yosemite on Dell Optiplex 745


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Hello everyone.


I'm new here, and I apologize to begin posting right off the bat, but I'm having an issue that unfortunately requires me to find a timely solution.


This problem is in regards to a Dell Optiplex 745. Specifications are as follows:


Core 2 Duo

4GB Ram

Galaxy Geforce GT 240

BIOS v2.6.6


I'm looking to install Yosemite on this system, but this is a universal problem that I've noted before to see if the OSX installer would boot regardless of what version I was trying to load. It goes something like this.


I start the computer and boot off the USB Drive.

After a long time (a minute or two), the bootloader loads. It's the same with Chameleon and Clover, which I tried last.

Once inside the bootloader, I attempt to load the installer (verbose).

The screen goes black without seeing any verbose boot at all.


What I notice is that OSX does not load at all because Ctrl+Alt+Delete reboots the system, which happens when in the bootloader but not when OSX is loading. Therefore, I don't think it is a graphics issue. Another reason I believe this to be true is because of my attempt to fix this problem.


I tried installing OSX directly onto the hard drive externally using my main system and the Installer USB. Once I installed the system, I put Clover onto the hard drive, re-attached it into the Optiplex, and started the system.

The problems were exactly the same. The bootloader still takes a couple of minutes to load, and attempting to load OSX just results in a black screen with no loading at all.

I'd be grateful for any help.


One more thing. This is being cross-posted Here and Here, and I'll be updating on all three places to make sure this issue has been documented for future reference.

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