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Dell Optiplex 755 on Yosemite OS X? Are my hardwares compatible?


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Hello, I'm completely new to this this hackintosh game.


My computer specs are:


Dell Optiplex 755 Motherboard (Mini Tower)

Intel Core2Quad Q6600

PNY Geforce GTX 650 (Non-Ti)

8GB DDR2 Ram

TP-LINK PCI Wireless Adapter

Antec USB 3.0 PCI-E card

430W Power Supply


Are the hardwares compatible for a Hackintosh? Will mine run Yosemite OS X without a problem?


I want to install OS X because I want to learn Objective C programming (and possibly Final Cut) and don't wanna buy a real mac. :P


Also, please send me a good tutorial on installing Yosemite OSX on my PC.



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