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Dell D820 some questions...thanks


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Good Morning,

My name is Luciano, and I write from Italy.


I have and old Latitude D820, and i want use it for running Mac OS x.

The dell configuration is:

Processor T7200 ( i have change it yestarday to have 64 bit)

4Gb Ram

Graphics Card Nvdia 128 mb

Hd 120 Gb 7200

Monitor 1650x1050


Yestarday i have install Snow Leopard 10.6.8 follow the wiki guide, and the pc works fine.

I need to resolve the problem of sleep ( i will try this evenig with the wiki guide).


I have some question:

1-DSDT wath is ? I need to install on my pc??

2-Bios: i have the original bios on my d820. I want to use D820 with win xp (for works) and Mac Osx (for enjoi)in dual boot. Does it is better to keep the original bios or I can Upgrade it with the MAc Bios???

3- The wifi don't works. Can you give me some model that works proprerly with Mac.


Next step is the upgrade (from mac store) to Lion 10.7.2. I can do this or it better waiting some time???


Thank's a lot


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