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Partial success on a D620


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Computer specifications:


Dell Latitude D620

Intel Core Duo 1,66 Ghz (T2400E)

1GB RAM, 667 MHz

nVidia Quadro NVS 110M 64MB

Intel 3495 wireless

Stock BIOS (A02? Will check this later...)



How I did it:


Booted using Nawcoms ModCD, installed a vanilla Snow Leopard 10.6 system. Rebooted with Nawcoms ModCD once again and booted into OS X with no problem. Ran the EDP and ended up with an almost fully functional system (see details below). Also downloaded the 10.6.8 update and ran the EDP, still the same functionality though. I use PStateMenu to set the CPU clock to the lowest setting to maintain the computer as cool as possible. Haven't noticed any loss in performance anyways.



What I need now:


Sound. I haven't gotten this to work yet. In the System Profiler, under Hardware, it says that there is no built-in audio.


Neither does sleep, at least not properly. I actually can get it to wake up from sleep. The problem is the system then becomes to sluggish it's unusable and I have to reboot it either by a hard reset or the rarer case where I manage to open a terminal window and I'm able to reboot it from there; the Finder bar doesn't respond.


The wireless card will probably never work I guess.


Another problem is whenever the screen goes to sleep it can't be woken up again. I can hear it ticking as if everything would be back to normal, but the screen just isn't waking up.


Now I haven't searched the deepest corners of this site (including the forums) yet, but if someone knows a way to enable sound I would be very grateful to know how. I will continue looking for solutions though!


Thanks so far for the incredible information available here to make my computer run OS X!

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