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Dual BOOTING any OS X and Windows not system reserved partition


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  I'm just say how to install Windows on a dual boot and not have to choose system reserved partition...


It's actually simple but the main thing is with MBR u can only have 4 partition so with the hard drive u want windows on need 3 partition and then install windows it will just install as one and after u can adjust partition and expand it install all on one partition...




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Installing Windows after OS X isn't really difficult. Don't use Windows own installer. It will totally screw up your EFI partition and add multiple hidden partitions before failing.


The first step it to open up the space for your Windows install. Just use Disk Utility to shrink your main partition leaving the space for Windows empty.


Next, you need to build an EFI bootable USB for the Windows Installer DVD or ISO. There are multiple instructions throughout the internet for this process. This process works for Win 7, 8.x or 10. I've tested all of them.


Now boot the Windows Installer. After setting the Language option, DO NOT continue with the Installer! Instead, enter Shift-F10 to get to the Command Line window. In the Command Line window, enter diskpart and return. Now the fun begins!


list disk                                        --- This will show the list of mounted drives. Select your Mac OS drive base on its size.

select disk 0                                --- Of course, select the one that your Mac OS is on...

list partition                                 --- This will display all partitions on the above selected drive.


If you selected the correct disk in the second line, you should be looking at a list showing your EFI, Mac OS and Recovery, if present. I recommend fixing the lack of a Recovery partition before continuing. It is possible after installing Windows, but not as easy. If all is well, we can continue. The next step will create the required partitions for Windows:


create partition msr size=128                                 --- This is the required MS Reserved partition. Won't work without it.

create partition primary                                           --- You might assign a size parameter here if you wish to leave space for another partition in the future.

format fs=ntfs quick label=Windows

assign letter=Y


Now we need to enable access to the EFI partition to install the boot code later:


select part 1

assign letter=S


List accessable Volumes to verify everything worked:


list volume



Take note of your installer drive. I'll assume "C." Make changes below if different. Now we need to actually install Window at the command line. Carefully enter the following:



cd X:\Windows\System32

dism /apply-image /imagefile:C:\sources\install.wim /index:1 /applydir:Y:\


This will take a while. Just let it finish... Now we need to install the EFI loaders. Use these with your boot loader to launch Windows:



bcdboot Y:\Windows /l en-us /s S: /f UEFI


Note: set the appropriate language of course. Also note the spaces after each option command.


That's it! Now boot into Windows (Clover will automatically see it) and set it up. Windows will change your EFI boot parms after the first boot. I recommend booting back into Mac OS with a USB boot stick and repair your boot loader from there. Just don't delete the Boot or Microsoft folders from the EFI partition.


I hope this solves your dilemma. I've posted these instructions at various places, so you might see it elsewhere.



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