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Snow Leopard & PR01x Port Replicator


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I've installed SN 10.6.8 successfully - thx for the very comfortable solutions provided here :)


The result: a nearly fully working (except SD) DellBook. Next step: Using a docking solution. I was able to get a PR01x including power supply for less than 25€ - connecting the d430 to it results in:


- working ethernet

- working VGA out

- not working USB


The last one is a real problem - connected to the dock one cannot access the built in USB ports. Any experience with that one, anyone using here a fully working dock with a DellBook 430?


Kind regards,


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Solved. Don't know what it was, but now everything works. Perhaps some dust in the connector slot...


This is really awesome - USB, sound, ethernet, VGA out just work fine. DVI does not, rest was not tested until now.


Hot docking works fine, hot undocking makes the mouse go crazy (the trackstick as well - interesting, as it does not react on input in my setup). With undocking in sleep mode, everything is fine :)


Welcome to the next level of OSX - is there a macbook with a dock?

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