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help installing lion and windows 7 on D620


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Hi guys !

i'm new in all this hackintosh business.

i have install SL on my dell d620 using leppy700m guide it works great for me.

i upgraded to 10.6.8 and everything is working great except the wifi intel (i ordered a new one) and sleep.


i have a dell d620 nvidia with a core2duo. and i have made three partitions when i install SL with intention of using on for windows (it's in a fat format)


so right now i would like to do 2 things:


1. installing windows 7 on the third partition.


2. upgrade (without losing ant data) my SL to Lion with intention to upgrade to 10.7.2 for icloud support.


i have seen guides for both things but most of them are with multifail and iboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded), and i don't want to mess up my current installation and cause a kernel panic somehow.


so if you guys can please help me and point me to the right guides and and what i need to know for my situation.


thank you !


i will just add that i have Lion install from appstore and i would like to install without a usb drive.

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