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Clover or Chameleon


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I have an insydeH20 bios in my lenovo laptop, the bios have uefi boot option only for "win8 OS" option the another option is "other OS" for legacy boot.

When I go to boot option, I can choose legacy or UEFI boot but when I choose UEFI not appear anything only usb if I connect some.

If I want boot with my HDD I need select legacy boot and the question is. I can use clover bootloader or only can use chameleon?


Which are the best bootloader? If I can use clover in legacy mode which are the best config for clover in legacy mode.

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It depends. From what you're describing, your windows 8 install is not UEFI but legacy. Chameleon is the same. Clover on the other hand can boot UEFI or legacy depending on how you install it.


So to answer your question, both. 
Chameleon is the tried and true boot loader and what I would recommend using if you're new to the whole osx86 scene. 


If you're more of an experienced osx86 user and/or consider yourself to be tech savvy, than I would recommend clover. Clover has far more options and is far more complex than chameleon as a result, but if you learn it, you can get a more vanilla build than with chameleon. 


My laptop (Gigabyte P35G v2) is completely upgrade proof with clover. I can run OS X updates from the app store (such as 10.10.3 to 10.10.4) just like on a real mac without having to reinstall and kexts or patches because any such mods are run through clover at boot. Getting it to that point took a lot of work, but if paid off.


Clover has a lot of documentation to read up on (and some of it is out of date which makes it a little more complicated) but is what I use for all of my builds now. I used chameleon back in my earlier days

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