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E6540, Newbie, El Capitan (or whatever works)


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Hello all,


I have a Dell Latitude E6540 with the following specs:

​CPU - i7-4800MQ @2.7GHz


DISPLAY - 1920x1080

GRAPHICS - Intel HD 4600 ONLY (no discreet graphics)


Here's m​y situation:

If it's possible I would like a step-by-step guide of how to install El Capitan, Yosemite or Mavericks (I don't mind which, whatever is easiest) that can be followed by a complete newbie who doesn't know what a Kext is, how to use a custom kernel, injecting stuff, etcetera. I'll be installing it to a clean hard drive and not dual booting. I have a separate windows hard drive that I have mounted in the DVD drive slot, but that won't be in there when I'm installing or using OSX.


I actually already have​ a Mavericks distro running in Virtualbox, and tried to create a bootable El Capitan USB installer using unifail 6 (El Capitan was the only version available from the Apple store). It uses Clover and hangs at the Bluetooth Controller message when booting in verbose mode. I'd like to start from scratch, and I have access to the Mavericks Virtualbox installation if need be to create another bootable USB.

I don't specifically want or need El Capitan. It's just the version I have easiest access to. If I can get a working OSX system using a .dmg file from elsewhere, I'm willing to try that as well. I still have the El Capitan USB installer at hand so if there's a way I can tweak it somehow to get it to boot into the installer, that'll be fine too. But I would rather do whatever is less messy and works best.

If​ there is anyone willing to give me a helping hand with this that would be much appreciated. Hopefully I'm not asking for too much. I'm not computer illiterate but I'll need a few things spelled out to me, in a way that doesn't assume prior knowledge.


Kindest Regards,


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