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Unable to create a bootable USB installer for D830


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Hi, I feel ashamed to ask but I need some help to get started.


I desparately want to install any version of OSX (but preferrably Yosemite or El Capitan, since my ultimate target is to be able to run Xcode) on my D830. But so far, I even haven't been able to create a stick that boots into the welcome screen of the installer. It seems that Clover, theoretically being the better option, isn't booting at all because my D830 (on bios A17, the newest I could find) doesn't support (U)EFI booting and the duet booting of Clover either doesn't work on the D830 or I didn't install it right. With Chameleon (original trunk version), I can boot into the bootloader, but either it doesn't boot the installer or booting freezes before the welcome screen appears. I even tried Spam Zone's Niresh distro's and Beastyboy's tools, all with zero succes. I tried several different USB sticks, two of which I successfully used in the past to install OSX on an Asus netbook and a friends real iMac, respectively.


I tried creating the sticks from several virtual machines (Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan (which basically is the Yosemity VM updated with the App Store installer)).


So basically I have the following questions:

  • How am I supposed to format the stick to make it bootable on the D830? Currently, I'm using 1-partition, MBR/HFS+ although I also tried GPT/HFS+.
  • After partitioning/formatting, should I use the CreateInstallMedia method from terminal, or should I use one of the user-friendly all-in-one tools?
  • Should I use Clover or Chameleon for the best chance for succes?
  • Is it sufficient to use the standard Clover or Chameleon install with only the files from post #9 when I create an El Capitan install stick, or should I add more kexts?
  • Are any bootflags necessary for the install stick to boot?
  • Can I create the stick from a VM (everything looks to be OK when I try) or should I use a "real" Mac/Hac? When necessary, I can use a crappy but working version of Yosemite Zone on an XPS L502x.

Most important for me at the moment is to be able to create a stick that at least boots into the OSX installer. I already played around with some Hackintoshes in the past, including the already mentioned Asus Hackbook Mini (10.6.7, never dared to update to 10.6.8 because I gradually updated from 10.6.0 and everytime had more problems getting it to work again after each update, including losing the sound somewhere in the process) and a desktop AMD system (10.5.something). So when I get OSX to install, I'm pretty sure that I will be able to find solutions to any remaining problems. But I feel so dumb that I can't even get any version of OSX to boot into the installer.


My ultimate goal would be to have El Capitan running on my D830, hence my reaction in this thread.


Btw. my D830 has nVidia 140M graphics, 1920x1200 screen, 4GB of RAM, T7500 processor and currently bios A17, although I can downgrade it to any other version when necessary. I already set the bios settings according to the sticky.

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Thanks to Polyzargone's help in this thread, I was finally able to create an installer stick that actually works on my D830!


I just installed El Capitan on my computer and most of it seems to be working. Wifi still doesn't, but as soon as I swap my standard Intel card for an Atheros card that I still must have lying around somewhere, I expect this is also fixed.

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