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Dell Latitude e5450 El Capitan


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I'm new


I have a problem, i have installed on my Dell e5450 Bios A10.exe , El capitan


With your great website and forum, all my uinstallation is ok


But my hardrive don't boot up alone i need type evey reboot to Enter


And my network card dosen't word i2... (intel)


i need to use my usb rj45 apple.


Can you help me please ?


i have use to all installation :


1) Clover v2.3k_r3330,

2) edp v7 installer (beta 6),

3) Clover configurator 3330

4) E5450-Broadwell_EFI.zip


Thkx a lot **P.s : sorry for my little word in english :)

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Try below assuming you have OSX installed on the hard drive and working (AppleKextExcludeList.kext is in S/L/E):
1. Boot with your usb into osx.
2. mount EFI partition of your hard disk (mkdir /volumes/EFI , sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s2 /volumes/EFI).
3. Go to your computer, and you will see EFI in ESP drive.
4. In ESP/EFI folder you will see Microsoft, and Boot folders.
5. Now extract  E5450-Broadwell_EFI.zip and open EFI folder. You should see Clover folder.
6. Move the Clover folder into ESP/EFI folder.

Now you have done with your hard disk and need to set up bios to boot into clover.
Reboot computer with usb to Clover (do not start OSX). Choose Clover options (not Boot options).  There are two menus for Options, one for hard disk and other for usb. Choose the one for hard disk (should see the path containing "sata").  Go into that menu and highlight the first item for adding all boot paths to bios. Press Enter and all done.
Remove usb and boot from hard disk. You will see Clover boot options.

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