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Asus G75VW help topic


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Hi everybody.

I have this asus too.

Can you help me with few moments, please.


1. Does spdif work in osx? Does it work manual or automatic? (i mean switch from 

 speakers to spdif and back)

2. 660m doesn't support, what about Intel® HD Graphics 4000? Does intel graphic work?

3. Does multitouch work on touchpad? 



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i read in this topic, that i need to change 660m to 670m.

I contact with few sellers on ebay and they told me  that also i need to change  'heatsink' because they are different.

Who changed the GPU and where did you buy this 'heatsink'?


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the dsdt patches for the brightness function keys, wifi function key, and backlit function keys do no work. my keyboard backlight is on but cannot be controlled at all, there is no way (slider or function keys) to set screen brightness either. any help would be great. im on osx 10.11.3 now on my g75vw with gtx670m.

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Hello guys. I have a notebook G75VW rs72 with bios 202 installed with 3 hard drives.

Windows installed + Yosemite running with power management + dsdt and SSDT working beautifully. In the other hd I have the El capitan with the latest Clover installed by following this method:





I created a USB driver with an installation of El capitan 10.11.3 from the app store and on the other, I installed the bootloader clover in UEFI BIOS System mode marking:

CSM + DataHub and OsXAptiofixdriver2. I used SMBios MacbookPro10,1 or MacBookPro9,1. Sleep works + all USB 3 works (had to edit to run the other two left ports) Dual monitor with audio hdmi.


In chameleon with 10.10.5 I could all the states of the processor with the SSDT generated by pike but with the clover I can not get the boot. What can it be?


Thank you!!!

g75vw bios 202.zip

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