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Lenovo Z50-70 + DW1560(BCM94352Z) bluetooth and wifi problem

Aldo Tarquilio

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I installed on my computer macosx El Capitan, and replaced my atheros with a DW1560.

Now I'm facing two problem; one for the wifi and the other for the bluetooth:

-The wifi works very well except when I use the channels 12 and 13 on my router. My DW1560 is US branded but I'm in Italy so I can't connect to 12 and 13 networks.

I read and fixed it modify IO80211Family.kext from US to IT. But now I have the same problem in windows and Ubuntu and I don't know how to solve it in these OSs. I controlled the channels on Ubuntu: I can view that channels 12 and 13are supported but I can't view my router that is 13. Is there a method to change, like I did on macosx, the country code on windows and linux or, at least, a method to rebrand my DW1560 and change the country code? I tried some guide for b43xx but I fail to detect the sprom...

-The bluetooth works for transfer files both in windows and in macosx and linux, even if sometimes I have some problems, but when I connect my audio device I have the biggest problem... In Windows I can pair the devices, the audio device start to work for 1/2 seconds and then stop to work, but windows continue to state that the device is connected; in Ubuntu I tried to pair my audio devices, it pairs but it doesn't work. In macosx it pairs and start to work but I can't move my head or go to the nearest room, like I used to with the atheros, beacuse it start to lag... I think it is not normal because the problem starts at 10 cm of distance from the computer...

I tried also to share the connection from my smartphone to the computer via bluetooth in the three OSs, the result is that sometimes it is very slow but the most of the times the computer says that the device, the phone, is too far from the computer, it is a lie(my smartphone is on the pc or on the same table), and the sharing doesn't work...

Somebody knows a method to repair all of this prblems? thanks very much and sorry for my bad english. :)

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