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[Guide] E6520 Direct Update from Yosemite to Sierra

El Capitán

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This is a quick guide for anyone wishing to update their E6520's directly from Yosemite to Sierra.  I'm happy to report that I have full functionality and things have been running smoothly so far.

For those, updating from El Capitan, some things may still apply.  So make sure you adapt the steps / fixes to your set up.
  • This guide is intended for more experienced users and is not intended to be a step-by-step
  • Some of the steps below can be achieved using different methods ex. kext hot patching, DSDT patching, etc.  Use whatever method you’re most familiar with.
  • Read the full guides and references linked below before starting.
As others have reported, the macOS Sierra installer does not like NVS4200 graphics on E6x20s.  You must run the installer using Intel HD3000 graphics.

Pre-update steps:
  1. Backup the Yosemite installation to a secondary HD (ex. Carbon copy cloner)

  2. Set CsrActiveConfig (SIP) under RtVariables to 0x3 in Clover config.plist (if not already set)<key>CsrActiveConfig</key>

  3. Update Clover to latest version
  4. Copy ACPIBatteryManager, AppleIntelE1000e, FakeSMC, NullCPUPowerManagement kexts from kexts/10.10 folder to kexts/Other folder.  IMPORTANT: Don’t copy your existing version of VoodooPS2Controller kext into kexts/Other (causes KP)
  5. Copy latest ALPS version of VoodooPS2Controller kext to kexts/Others folder.  See link below under Fix builtin keyboard and trackpad section.
Update to macOS Sierra
Download and install update from App Store

Post Update (Known issues)
Audio/Mic will become non-functional (solution below)
Builtin USB ports may become non-functional (solution below)
Builtin keyboard or trackpad may become non-functional (solved in step #10 above)

Post Update (Annoyances)
  • CAPS lock is unreliable when using builtin keyboard
  • Trackpad preferences in Control Panel is blank or generates error
  • Note: both annoyances should be fixed in a future release of Dr. Hurt’s VoodooPS2 kext


Fix builtin Keyboard and Trackpad
Use the correct “ALPS†version of Rehab Man’s VoodooPS2 kext created by Dr. Hurt on this forum.  
Fix Audio
Note: This assumes you’ve already placed DummyHDA kext in /Library/Extensions and rebuilt caches
Add the following to KextsToPatch section in Clover config.plist:



<string>Zero out compare</string>













  1. Use IORegistryExplorer to view USB device names.  Mine were: EHCI and EHC2.
  2. Make backup copy of DSDT.aml
  3. Edit DSDT.aml and replace Device EHCI to EHC1 (Capital I to 1)
  4. Ensure _SB.PCI0 —> EHC1 now shows up on left side as EHC1
  5. Compile
  6. Place “USBInjectAll.kext†in kexts/Others
  7. Edit config.plist.  Add under ACPI\DSDT section:





<string>change EHC1 to EH01</string>








<string>change EHC2 to EH02</string>







Reboot and test builtin USB ports.  Use IORegistryExplorer to troubleshoot.


Planned Improvements & Additional Enhancements
1) Switch back to Nvidia NVS4200
2) Fix SD Card slot

Additional Resources & Info on Post-Update issues/fixes:

Good Luck!
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