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A bit of trouble with Optiplex 755


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Hey guys, I've figured that I could try and  get some help after 5~ days of googling and trying various methods.

Until now, i've managed to boot (couldn't until last night) into an already installed OS X Yosemite.

I've tried the bootpacks from here (none worked, always got the AHCI kernel panic no matter if i tried AHCI // IDE // Legacy).

As i've said earlier, managed to boot up with the first attach to this post, the problems are from what I noticed, that I cannot boot Yosemite without the DSDT and only DSDT that worked for me was one with a HD5450 already patched into it (I had a Sapphire HD5450 which wouldn't give me any video, prior to finding this DSDT, from what I've read around google, some had the same issue and they fixed it by Flashing their Vbios to a earlier supported version, I did the same on my card, checked producer VBIOS version and everything but it lead to bricking my hd5450 [i'll try to send it in @ service and maybe get it fixed).

I'm stuck with a GTS 8600 which allows me to get into Yosemite BUT on the first boot videocard showed up as HD 5000 series, on second boot it shows something like: 1mb graphics.


I'm attaching the clover folder (only one that worked) for booting up my system (i tried the same clover for El Capitan, but didn't load got stuck on loading screen).


What do you guys suggest ? Should i try to extract my own DSDT from windows? and give it a go with that?

I also tried to run EDP from the already installed system that booted (Yosemite), but I couldn't for the love of me get internet working (I have a TP-link PCIe card that worked on a previous installation of Yosemite, but on this one it just doesn't find any networks, even if i try to manually connect to the wifi [add name and password] it doesn't work, also deleted network prefs and same issue, it shows the Wireless Card but no networks).


Thank you for the effort of answering :) and hopefully I can get it running before I leave the current company I'm working at.


This Optiplex 755 is going to be used as a test machine for newbies in the company i work in, me being the only one that actually "fixes" Macs. I just want to leave them a nice present and the ability to continue my work after I'm gone :)


Thanks again!


P.S. Bios Version A21 and from what i've seen in my bios ... it's a bit different from other Optiplex 755 I've seen on youtube // forums. Main difference: when selecting AHCI // IDE // Legacy on mine its RAID/AHCI /// RAID/IDE // something? // Legacy, can't remember correctly, if it's relevant i'll add pictures when asked for // needed.

Optiplex 780-760 Clover.zip

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