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  1. Thanks JakeLo...adding the "right" kext and new .aml file did the trick for brightness control. They are now working. The last item that is still problematic is Shutdown and Restart....they don't work properly. Any help you can provide is appreciated. Do I need a new debug file? The one in post #3 would have everything except the AppleBacklightFixup kext
  2. @Bronxteck, I do have the PNLF SSDT file in the patched Clover folder...it is in the debug file attached (debug_JLo_L502x.zip). Can you take a look?
  3. Gave up on trying to make audio work using AppleALC. I tried all of the various layout id's and suggestions above but couldn't get it working, ...so I just went with VoodooHDA. Audio now works. Next problem is display brightness, which I have no control over. In fact the slider bar doesn't even show up in Sys/Preference/Displays. What do I need to make this work? Shutdown/Restart are still not working properly after trying your suggestions above.. Any help you can provide here . Thanks in advance for all you do and the help you provide this communitiy. debug_JLo-L502x.zip
  4. Hello, I've install High Sierra (fresh install on new SSD) using Clover and I've got it booting and running fine from the SSD. Most functionality is working fine with the various kexts, patches and settings I've been able to find, but as expected there are still a couple of post install issues I need some help with. NOT WORKING: - Audio no device found by OS in System Report device is RealTek ALC665 - ShutDown laptop will not power down with the shutdown command is issued. The shutdown command tears down the OS, but fails to power off the laptop. - function keys most important to me: Brightness controls and Volume controls on this device I'd like them mapped to the default keyboard combinatons Brightness Down = Fn+F4 Brightness Up = Fn+F5 Volume Down = Fn+F11 Volume Up = Fn+F12 - USB3 device has NEC/Renesas USB3.0 host controller I understand from my readings that the NEC controller may not be supported in 10.12 and later, so may need to live with this. This is disappointing however as I use the built in eSATA/USB3.0 port to plug in my external backup drive. I had this device function fine with my Yosemite build using Clover. Any option for reusing the old kexts, setting, etc? I've attached the debug files as requested as well as a few screen shots. Any and all help is appreciated. Debug_File jdl-l502x.zip
  5. I have Yosemite running using Clover and it runs good. Considering upgrading to High Sierra. Is there an easy upgrade path? What pitfalls will I run into?
  6. Cache was the problem...I'm still a noob at all this , so didn't know where to look! Just rebooted without cache and it's functional again. Thanks for the tip.
  7. I just completed the Security Update 2016-007 for Yosemite. I lost functionality of my eSATA external port. I use the external port to keep up with my backups on an external hard drive. Worked fine before the update. Anyone else experience this problem? Sys Specs: Dell XPS L502x uEFI enabled BIOS Using Clover for my boot loader
  8. I apologize for the noob question.... I'm trying to edit an info.plist file using Xcode (v7.2.1). I'm getting a permissions error when trying to save the edited file. I know i need to change the permission on the file...but not sure what to change it to. Here is what it is set to now: Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  9. @JakeLo any help....or do i need to try patching these items myself? I'll give it a shot i guess.
  10. So I've installed the WiFi card...DW1550, it is a support card per the list. Dell DW1550 1/2 Mini PCIe 14e4-43b1 BCM4352 A/B/G/N/AC Under the Kext(driver) section it shows this: DSDT or Brcm4360 patch I'm assuming this means that either a DSDT patch or driver would work...either case I'd prefer the most permanent fix possible. I did confirm the SDCard is jMicron and the nVidia card is back. I've included new screenshots from DPCI Mgr that show this and for good measure I've included a new file from IORegistryExplorer. I've read multiple threads about patching DSDT's...but as I've previously stated I'm a newbie and don't want to make things worse (like i did the first time). Can I beg your indulgence once more and ask for help on these items: - nVidia disable - WiFi/Bluetooth Card - SD Card I've compressed all files for ease of uploading. Archive.zip
  11. So a couple of things have transpired since my last post...most significantly I started the install from scratch on a new hard drive.... Sorry if this causes duplicate work! In the process of reloading I made sure to select the correct model when doing the SMBios steps and now the system shows as "Model Identifier: MacBookPro8,3" in Sys Info. So I'm back to the following state: - no Power Management and need to patch for the nVidia disable item - no SDCard Reader - no WiFi/Bluetooth FIRST OFF... i know I'll need patched DDST/SSDT files. Can I reuse the ones you previously provided me? (post #7). If not I’ve attached the latest from /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Origin folder using the F4 to extract the raw files…. As before I need both the power mgmt and nVidia disable patches. origin.zip WiFi/BLUETOOTH I have the DW1550 on hand. I have not installed into the laptop yet…as I’m not sure on the loading steps? Obviously I need to install it first, simple enough…but after that I’d take whatever help I can get. SDCard READER Last post i mentioned I’d look to see if I could figure out the SDCard reader the system has. I loaded the old window HD and pulled the following about the SDCard reader: JMicron PCIe SD/MMC, MS, xD Host Controller SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller Does this help ID the SDCard reader? If so, what are my next steps? As previously…many, MANY thanks in advance!
  12. no luck on ID'ing the SDCard reader. I will install the old Windows HD and see if I can't figure it out from there. As to the wrong SMBIOS I guess I picked the wrong one when doing the Post Install steps with the Clover Configurator. Given that everything else is working, do I need to change this?
  13. Yes...nVidia entry is now gone. I compressed the two files requested and attached. Archive.zip
  14. ...that fixed the power mgmt item, but I can't immediately tell if it did the nVidia one. Just curious was the patch for both the power mgmt and the nVidia disable feature? So the only item left beside the WiFi/Bluetooth is the built in card reader. I have not done any research on that yet, but if you have any advice or tips it would be greatly appreciate. MANY, MANY...Thanks
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