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  1. Never saw your post, still around? Roll back kext pack on D830? to what? both machines are initial install state... tnx
  2. Fresh EDP system build yields same results, upon restarting a new Bluetooth PAN entry in shows up in Networks and the wifi networks in my area show up including my preferred network but I am unable to connect. in my D630 machine that was using this exact card the Networks entry was Wifi and it connected automatically needing only the wifi authentication key. thanks for any ideas...
  3. I was not able to create another Wifi item in Networks that was different than the BluetoothPAN, when I chose WiFi it automatically found the same hardware (it used the same (MAC?) address as the BluetothPAN item). I am using the Broadcom43XXFamily.kext but strangely can't find it on the D630; which is working flawlessly with wifi! but it is on the hard disk in my setup files (just a folder that I put all my downloads & installation links in). I updated & tried the built-in kext but it didn't work, no wifi card showed up in Networks and I couldn't + one either (still created an item with the bluetooth mac address). would you recommend a full reinstall? I don't have anything on this machine (the D630 is my day to day workhorse). I have my install USB stick and most recent bootpack ready to go... I noticed a lot of settings I could select in the new EDP, do I need to turn on any new features or is the default with choosing the Broadcom4315 wifi card enough? thanks again
  4. I have a D630 ML machine with this card (Broadcom 4315) that works so I removed it and put it in my D830 ML machine and put the only kext I have for it in E/E, ran MyFix Full and rebooted. there is a wireless card that appears in System Report under Networks now like below: Card Type: Third-Party Wireless Card MAC Address: 00:1f:e1:1b:c1:80 Supported PHY Modes: 802.11 b/g but when I click on the wifi network icon it will not connect to my network (just says can't connect) AND when I open Network Preferences a WiFi entry is not in there! only Bluetooth PAN! (with wifi turned on). I tried turning that off and disabling it in bios to see if the Broadcom card would then show up but that doesn't work. my D630 does not have the Bluetooth PAN entry (that machine has no Bluetooth) strangely I do not find the Broadcom43XXFamily.kext in the D630's E/E folder tho... maybe I am using the wrong kext? any suggestions? I set this D830 about 6 months ago, is there perhaps a newer EDP installer or bootpack that I should start with? is that recommended, installing a new bootpack or EDP version over an old? tyvm! also the software versions are older on the working D630 machine: system info: D630 8.1 vs. D830 8.3 airport utility: D630 6.2 vs. D830 6.3.1 IO80211 family: D630 3.1 vs. D830 5.3
  5. Actually haven't had much time to research the correct tweaks I could try in Chameleon Wizard but several reboots later it is running pretty normal again and boot takes a reasonable 1:40... tnx again
  6. Yeah, that is what I was expecting... I got some decent sticks (Crucial PC2 DDR2 CL5) so maybe I should check them on the Windows side next, Dell diagnostics passed them without error. Also: after rerunning EDP the restart was super slow again... it doesn't seem to like to restart, shut down and power on is more reliable. it often goes to black screen or grey screen when I try Restart. I think I may need a few more tweaks to get it to boot straight thru,
  7. thanks, after several failed boots I got it to load os x. i will re-seat the ram next and see if that helps any, restart, shut down, boot are all still very slow and glitchy.
  8. I upgraded my working D830 ML setup's ram from 2gb to 4gb now I get slow OSXLatitude page followed by a 'verbose boot' (lots of white text scrolling by) which ends in blackscreen. what to try? thanks!
  9. Right now I am running on a generic bootpack/extras, it is not the D830 bootpack. it is giving the most consistent performance (particularly in half life 2) so i thought I would add in just the kexts that i need to make things function; sleep mode, performance monitor (those bars you told me about in the top menu) what others would you recommend? is there an inventory list for the D830 bootpack that I can refer to? thanks a lot.
  10. Yeah, just odd, NovaBench on WinXP has these machines equal but on the OS X side the D830 is 30% behind... It is nice that the slow boot has worked itself out. I was more worried about a failing graphics adapter than any performance issue, I will test this setup with a 3d game and see how it fares. If I want to add back in important kexts from D830 bootpack which ones should I start with?
  11. No luck changing to the smbios for a MacBookPro 5,1, benchmarks went down a little more. If I want to start over is it as simple as going back to the default Extra folder ? or do I have to reset the smbios in Chameleon Wizard? Perhaps the cleanest method would be to re-install from the beginning? I have added only one kext for hardware (wifi) and EDP thus far. tnx
  12. re-ran EDP and built using D630 configuration. brought the benchmarks back a few points but not all the way back to Default Extra benchmarks. I think starting with Default and only adding in kexts that retain or improve benchmarks OR that enable essential services is the next thing I'll try... recommendations for kexts from the D830 (or D630) bootpack I will want to try? thanks
  13. I think changing hard drives has really affected boot, the machine boots in under 1:30 consistently now! However, benchmarks are still slower than my D630 for 3d graphics. Before I installed EDP I ran a benchmark and came up with 67fps for 3d, using same benchmark app my D630 gets over 90fps. then I installed EDP for D830 and the framerate dropped an additional 10fps. interestingly it also dropped from 50mil to 38mil on CPU floating point operations (could that be what is making the framerate go down 10 points?) as you may recall these machines have the same amount/type of RAM and the D830 has a faster CPU 2.4ghz vs. 2.0ghz. and twice the GPU RAM (nvidia 140M with 256mb). I will now try your idea of using D630 bootpack (the default drivers? for video seem to be the same) and will let you know... ttyl~!
  14. well, thanks again, I forgot to rename the default extras folder and put the D830 bootpack extra on the myhack usb stick so I ended up using the default extra folder. no problem installing and getting to OS X desktop, sweet! One thing different this time is I am trying a new hard drive because I am still problem solving on my original volume attempt, it seems to have speeded boot up considerably (just over a minute to the desktop), maybe too many bad sectors on the other drive? so I updated the system software and now I should what? 1. Install EDP & do the Dell D830 Build or 2. Install extras folder from EDP Bootpack Extras for Dell D830 & run myFix or ??? thanks for all the help!
  15. thanks I may try the other bootpack, the hardware is quite similar, sounds like a good idea. you may not have seen my other thread, do you think my D630 2ghz 2gb nvidia 135M/128mb machine having better 3d video benchmarks (90fps vs. 50fps) over my D830 2.4ghz 2gb nvidia 140M/256mb machine is possibly a hardware issue; like a failing graphics card? all the hardware diagnostics I run on the video pass without errors. thanks again!
  16. sorry, yes it is EDP bootpack from osxlatitude. if that kext is in the EDP bootpack for my machine (D830 nvidia) then I am using it, but does that kext effect booting from the USB/myhack? I have setup this machine once already (using advice from this site/forum) and the boot times (several minutes) and framerates (50fps) for 3d video are terrible so i am going through the process again with a re-install from the beginning and trying to see if I missed something.
  17. I thought perhaps running myfix on the usb stick would help this symptom but it did not; when I boot off the usb/myhack installer the machine is stuck for a good 5-10mins on the myhack background then eventually gets to the OS X Choose a Language screen. Is that a red flag? this is a D830 2.4ghz 2gb 256mb nvidia 140N 1920 x 1200. thanks
  18. I renamed the basic extra folder on my myhack usb (to orginal_extras) and copied my bootpack extra folder in its place. what that bad? hehe then when installing I chose use generic extra folder (assuming it would use the only extra folder on the usb) but install is sketchy sometimes it works and sometimes it freezes at various screens did I need to run myfix on the usb stick after changing that default extras folder? can I revert to the original and expect install to work? tnx
  19. I have a D630 2ghz 2gb ram and nvidia 128mb 1200x800 which boots up quite quickly and runs my browser, ms office and utilities I have needed just fine. I love it so much I bought a 2.4ghz 2gb ram and nvidia 256mb 1920x1200 D830. using NovaBench the D630 scores 270 and the D830 scores 330. the D630 scores higher in 3D fps 80 vs. 62, ram is nearly identical and all other numbers lean slightly to the D830 except Integer Operations which is nearly double on the D830. Does this seem normal? the D830 really lags at boot (much longer than D630), but it also takes quite a while during post... and apps seem a little slower than on the D630. I have both machines BIOS settings per Forum recommendations. both machines have a wifi card but only the D830 has bluetooth (but no bluetooth peripherals). thanks for reading...
  20. 0c:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY [14e4:4315] (rev 01) thats my card!
  21. you were absolutely correct, restart without usb stick all went smooth... do we no longer need to run myfix? or should I run it before software update to 10.8.3? thanks again! and thanks for the recommendation, the 1920x1200 screen resolution looks great~!
  22. Hey, new machine: D830 w/2.4ghz & nvidia, bios A16 with all recommended settings per: this forum. booting from usb/myhack going fine (although did get a black screen booting 1st time and had to reboot) went into Utilities>Disk Utility and erased hhd, partitioned & formatted (mac os extended journaled) with MBR in Options. (tried GUID too). install goes fine and I point it to Extras folder from EDP bootpack download, less than one minute left and hhd light is flashing for a minute or two then the message window: Install Failed OS X could not be installed on your computer. The installer could not start up the computer from the disk "my drive". try selecting your disk using the Startup Disk Utility. Click Restart to.... I reboot from usb/my hack and choose "my drive" to boot from and it seems to be going along fine but then black screen, THEN the OS X voice help starts talking about how to use voice over for help.. i am guessing video is not configured nicely, recommendations? should I try installing without the bootpack extras folder? what can I try next? tnx btw, windows installed fine on this drive this morning to upgrade to the latest BIOS. then I wiped it during OS X install.
  23. I am new to OS X and I'm not finding anything that looks like Device ID in System Preferences... happy to learn more about this tho, advice?
  24. I want to replace/upgrade the RAM is 4gb enough? will 1 stick of 4gb perform well? (maybe I could get another one later to expand to 8gb?) what are the recommended specs? All I can find using memory seller recommendations is CAS 5 DDR2 PC800, is that the only/best option? thanks so much, AND; Sorry if I missed other threads that have covered this, I really have no luck using the search (maybe I'm doing something wrong?)
  25. The only info I have on the card at this point is in my first post (Broadcom BCM94312MCG), ugh. Sorry but the card is buried deep in my machine now... next time I have it apart I will be happy to post an update!
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