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  1. My friend said he used the vanilla method...
  2. hi,i don't know exactly the method,i could ask,i checked and all above are there...which is the best method to create the installer?
  3. here is the origin...sorry for DP origin.zip
  4. hi JakeLo, when i put something in ig-platform-id i get kernel panic...
  5. As soon as I do that change i get kernel panic,i posted before my config..
  6. Hi,i will try when i go back home and i will post the zip
  7. thank you guys, here it is... CLOVER.zip
  8. hi,thanks for your reply.....here you caught me...as i said,a friend of mine has installed for me,but he doesn't know how to activate the graphics acceleration..how can i check if is from another machine? thanks
  9. Hi,i tryed your sugestión but i get this kernel panic...
  10. Thank you very much for your help,I will try it as soon as I go home and I let you know.
  11. hi all,my friend has managed to install El Capitan 10.11.6 on my hp 15-ac100ns intel core i3-5005u1/4gb/1tb/15.6,wifi wasn't working so i bought an wifi dongleand now is good. now everything works except my graphic acceleration,it shows only 4mb.is there a way to enable it without patching the bios?i am not very good at this....is a dual boot with windows 10 any help is really appreciated ,thank you..... i will attach the config.plistconfig.plist.zip
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