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  1. Okay, so I've been bothered wayyyy to much by my setup: - once every other reboot, I won't get triple screen. I must power down one of the monitors (DP) to boot to dual screen. Otherwise, I get blank screen. Same if I power up the turned off monitor after boot. All displays are going blank. While, when the three screen are working fine (I change nothing in my config.plist), I can hot-plug video cable without issue. - no USB3 at all, I tried the USB Inject all, then create my own usb kext (with Hackintool), but no success.
  2. Hey, this is good news! Using someone else's config.plist or Clover folder is just not right because you miss the big picture. I'm glad that starting from the ground up allowed you to get a working solution. Also, the g-plateform-id 0x193B0005 does not require you to use Whatevergreen.kext Whatevergreen, in this particular situation, will only rename GFX0 to IGPU, since you have the patch in your ACPI patches, then you don't need it. No big deal to leave it in Extensions though. So now that you have a working setup (Vanilla), .zip your clover folder... one can never be too cautious. You can deal with details now: Sound, USB, Bluetooth, EDID (screens), etc Next step would be to look into sleep, but as I've read, there is an issue with wake up with HD530. I'll search further
  3. The hang at ++++++ is a result of wrong UEFI drivers I think You really only need these three drivers AptioMemoryFix VBoxHfs-64 ApfsDriverLoader source: https://hackintosh.gitbook.io/-r-hackintosh-vanilla-desktop-guide/clover-setup No ram information in Clover needed for proper operation The USB Inject All is just a temporary kext meant to "discover" the USB ports once all of them have been identified and assigned in a SSDT (USB2 or 3) and the extra ones deleted (on motherboard internal unused ones for instance), USB inject all must be deactivated I'll send you my entire clover folder tomorrow so you can try to boot it. But I'm not too fond of doing that, since it's not the best way to understand what works and what does not...
  4. Have you tried to use my config.plist that I linked a couple of post above? Since hardware is almost the same, you should be able to use it right away In my experience, here's what I would consider: ACPI > only required GFX0 to IGPU; HDAS to HDEF; HECI to IMEI Boot > nv_disable=1 is not applicable (nv = Nvidia) Devices> "Add Properties" empty it Graphics > modify ports = 4; ig-platform-id = 0x193B0005 Kext to patch > remove anything ALC255; mini stolen size is irrelevant since you have increased DVMT in EFI Shell; boot graphics glitch is of the past; The USB Port patch is not the right one (yours is outdated) All .kext should be in /L/E (don't forget to rebuild kextcache) Clover kext loading should be on "detect" I'll edit if I see anything else
  5. I wouldn't know, I haven't tested any of that. Displays are 1080p, so no point in HiDPi I'll try to see that on monday, see what that'd offer me
  6. My Dell 3040 (i5-6500, 16GB ram and Samsung SSD) at the office has been my Hackintosh daily driver since the release of Sierra 10.12.2, driving to 27" Dell screen, and lately a third 20" display. Pretty amazing. They wouldn't offer me a Mac, I made one for myself. I use an Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic trackpad 2. I used Sierra 10.12.2 for 2 years and then started over fresh Mojave 2 months ago. Now updates are way easier and safer than they used to. N'hésites pas si tu as des questions. Moi mon bureau est à Ottawa, pas trop proche du tiens
  7. Hey there, just check my attached .plist I also included a screenshot of my EFI folder and L/E/ folder (not the actual EFI folder, so you must search for the latest .kext) I re-generated serial number so you can keep the SMBIOS as it is I also included my ioReg, feel free to check it out I don't have HDMI sound, but I was interested in 3 displays I have a USB loudspeaker a bluetooth dongle (and Kext for firmware injection) have fun Plist+ioreg.zip
  8. So, since Aimable_fr is French, I'll explain to him in French, but basically, everything that I'm saying in the Spoiler frame is what has been provided in this thread, just gathered and in french Follow Jake's tutorial on how to change DVMT to 96MB in EFI Shell Setup_var 0x350 0x3
  9. IntelGraphicsFixup.kext is an old kext. Whatevergreen.kext replaces it (it includes IntelGraphicsFixup.kext) Whatevergreen needs Lilu.kext to work you just need to inject Intel and set ig-platform-id to 0x19120000 (you can also try 0x193B0005) Make sure you have increased DVMT beforehand add the following ACPI patches change XHCI to XHC change XHC1 to XHC change SAT0 to SATA the remaining ACPI patches will be done automatically by Whatevergreen Also, the problem with the tint is that your display must be unproperly identified (you need EDID fix) use https://gist.github.com/adaugherity/7435890 or hackintool which includes that patcher
  10. Hey Jake, thanks a lot for searching through that file I'm taking a shot at modding it with the UEFI shell. I keep you posted EDIT: Work as intended, OMG that's amazing how you guys discovered that.. Now, dual monitor support would be amazing, I keep searching... because, as it is now, just turning on and off the second monitor restarts the PC... Thank you so much. Amazing !! EDIT2: for dual monitor, I used a HDMI cable and a DP cable. AppleFramebuffer@0: connector-type 10 00 00 00, port-number 0x0 AppleFramebuffer@1: connector-type 00 08 00 00, port-number 0x5 - HDMI AppleFramebuffer@2: connector-type 00 04 00 00, port-number 0x6 - DP left AppleFramebuffer@3: connector-type 00 04 00 00, port-number 0x7 - DP right I patched the connector type and now I have both monitor working ( I must turn on the second monitor after boot though. And the black glitch has been solved using this trick
  11. Hello, You'll find the rom attached to this post. the Dedicated Video Memory in use shows 128MB I can't find the setup in the PE32 though... something that I may be searching wrong. thanks Optiplex5040rom.zip
  12. Hey Jake, I really appreciate your efforts, I was going to let it go and nevermind Mac OS X on my Dell (it's actually my work computer in the IT call center I work at - lol) So I'll read carefully the instructions and try to get it to work. I'll provide the requested files on Monday if everything goes well. Thanks
  13. Hey, i'm following your progress with great interest. can not get my OptiPlex 5040 to boot with video card working 7MB of vram glitches panic on 0x1912000, must use 0x19120006 would you mind sharing your config.plist since you succedded on having the vdeo card to fully work ? thanks a lot
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