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  1. As a user of a Hackintosh (or whatever you want to call it) with a touchscreen, I figured it'd be useful to have a topic for software that adds features that aid the use of a touchscreen with macOS. For example scrolling: if you have something like the UPDD drivers or any other touchscreen drivers that don't themselves include something to make scrolling easier, without additional software you're limited to actually touching and sliding the tiny scrollbar. My notebook has a 12" 1920x1080 screen — this might as well be impossible at full resolution. So to start, as far as scrolling goes, I recommend Smart Scroll. I turned off everything but Grab Scroll, which I set as follows for best comfort: This allows me to press and hold shift, tap Option, and then scroll in any application the same way I would on Windows or, say, an iPhone. I encourage other users of touchscreens, tablets, and the like to post software they find is useful if not necessary for touchscreen use on macOS. I'll post more myself as I find it.
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