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  1. I ended up solving communications by replacing the internal wi-fi + bluetooth with a broadcom bcm94352z -- windows 10 sees it natively so dual booting is a nice bonus
  2. The built-in wi-fi does not appear to be compatible. Either get one of the broadcom ones people suggest or a usb nano (wireless-ac in either case) - if someone has found a way I would love to hear it otherwise.
  3. Here is a test page people suggest for this: https://experiments.withgoogle.com/webgl-water-simulation -- With gpu autoswitching, this would be covered by the intel 630 not the nvidia in mojave, but worth seeing the water ripple effect.
  4. I just ran across this -- I have a helios 300 predator as well. The hda methods that worked in high sierra did not seem to want to work to get sound for me but VoodooHDA did. No hdmi but speakers work great. From reading on the web, it looks like mojave may have removed some of the needed settings for the other methods. There are 3 choices in VoodooHDA -- legacy/uefi etc.. as methods to install. One method worked on an older machine, another worked on this one. I tried all 3 - I think I used the legacy method on the helios 300 from my testing. It didn't take much effort at all, just installing and rebooting a couple of times. I found it also worked for High Sierra since I didn't get rid of it but have it load from a usb external drive. There are more than one method I have seen to install the nvidia drivers, tried a few and this one seemed to work for me: https://github.com/Benjamin-Dobell/nvidia-update Interestingly enough, after a bit of experimentation I have been able to get the 1060 to load in mojave and support 4095mb (not 4096 or the 6gb on the card) by including the nvidia web drivers that worked in high sierra - but only got 4095 megabytes on high sierra as well. It worked by adding the settings in clover configurator at the bottom without injecting any graphics methods but one-- inject nvidia. The cuda drivers are not ported to mojave however but I did get them to install as well based on the notes here: https://www.travelertechie.com/2018/09/nvidia-web-drivers-mojave-workaround.html which sent me to this link to download the cuda installer: https://www.nvidia.com/object/macosx-cuda-418.105-driver.html The travelertechie also made a youtube video here: I am sure much that is needed is not supported, such as real acceleration, but it does install. Having a larger amount of video ram than the 1536 that I got from the intel 630 cannot be bad I am thinking. I wish it was better but it is what it is. The 1060 card needs to be entered manually into clover configurator or it grabs an older version of the 1060 with only 256mb ram, so in the graphics tab, I entered '+' to enter an nvidia card in the bottom of the screen as follows -- the data fields I used are here, I am separating them by commas for ease of reading: Acer GeForce GTX 1060, 0x10DE1C20, 0x1025, 4095, 2 If you try to inject anything else such as intel, it will not see it as a GTX1060 but as an unsupported card with 0mb ram. If someone finds a good NVCAP string for the 6 gb 1060 (the mobile version, as it is not exactly the same as the pc variant) I am betting that may be better, and possibly supply full support for the 6gb. Not complaining about 4 gigs though. I am using MacBookPro15,2 as the model in SMBIOS with Lilu and Whatevergreen kexts -- both built in to S/L/E as they don't work properly in clover pre-loaded from what I have read. FYI- if you get a black screen, you need to disable nvidia to install it, before you have whatevergreen working. The installer you use most likely will not have nvidia capabilities so to get it up and running you may need to use the boot argument nv_disable=1 but you have to remove it later to let the drivers load after install is completed.
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