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  1. Hi, so typically you install your set of kexts, aml's, and clover.plist(with latest clover) and then boot. What if you want to change or update a kext, but you're afraid that the newer version won't work, and, in fact, will completely cripple the install? Is there a way to set up multiple clover entries and somehow different OSX kernel setups so that you can test different configurations?
  2. Ok, so, using files I got from other bootpack guides on this website, and my own, I have once again gone through the linux - windows - OS X yearly power cycle. This attached bootpack represents a baseline. It does not represent the best potential we can get out of this PC model or the system drivers available, but it works and is virtually bug-free. Once more, all of the existing instructions that I posted here apply. Additionally, there were more specifics. When the OS X installer crashes, you kill it and open the disk utility and command prompt, quickly, at the same time. Once they are open :
  3. (I am rumster, forgot my login for that acc, just updating and de-bugging the hackintosh process again in 2017 in preparation for 10.13) SSDT files: SSDT.AML(pregenerated for i5-5300U) SSDT 0-3,7-11.AML SSDT-PNLF.AML, _DSDT.AML
  4. Clover/kexts/other acpibatterymanager.kext 1.60.5 RehabMan ApplePS2Controller.kext 1.5 EMlyDinEsHMG FakeSMC.kext 6.18.1394 netkas IntelBacklight.kext 1.0.10 IntelMausiEthernet.kext 2.1.0d5 LauraM L/E/ ACPIPoller.kext 0.8.1 RehabMan AppleBackLightInjector.kext 0.9.0 RehabMan AppleHDA_ALC293.kext 9267.0 12,188 bytes CodecCommander.kext 2.6.1 TimeWalker/RehabMan DisableTurboBoostBattery.kext 2.1 S/L/E BcrmFirmwareRepo.kext 2.2.7 BcrmPatchRAM2.kext 2.2.7 EAPDFix.kext 2.3 EMlyDinEsHMG FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext 1.3.7 FakePCIID_Intel_Graphics.kext 1.3.7 FakePCIID.kext 1.3.7
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