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  1. Hi Jake, It's now deteced the OSX install enry on the boot menu and passed the keyboard detection in the installation process. However, when it come to the os recovery / os installation / disk utility dialog, and I choose the "disk utility" to partition my SDD with a partition name, I found it's not response to keyboard inputs. What's the problem, is may keyboard not compatible with the PS2 ext, or any thing wrong with the ACPI / config.plist ? Thanks very much! Kevin
  2. Thanks Jake. I followed your steps but when Clover menu displayed, it only shews the windows OS on my HDD, but not the installation entry on the USB stick. Do you know how to fix this problem ? THanks.
  3. Hi, I am tried to install Mojave on my laptop Latitude E7470 by following this link: https://hackintosher.com/guides/guide-to-fresh-installing-macos-mojave-on-a-hackintosh-10-14/ However, after boot from flash driver, it shew up a dialog (screenshot is attached), ask for a paring a bluetooth keyboard. Why it didn't detect the built-in keyboard ? Thanks very much! Kevin
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