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  1. Hello, I've DW1560 installed on my Latitude 5480 (specs in my sign), wifi works perfectly but BT doesn't. BT can discovery (slowly), do pair but can't not keep the connection (please check this video for more details: https://streamable.com/gxsh1) BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext and BrcmPatchRAM2.kext are installed to L/E. Can you guys please help? debug_20087.zip
  2. @Jake Lo I tried them all, none of them works. Unlike his case, my machine does not response at all, no screen back light, no caps lock light.
  3. Great, thank you. Have you had a chance to look on it?
  4. Cool. I am still not able to get wake from sleep working, I tried black.dragon74's EDID fix but it did not work. Can you give me an advise where I should look or debug?
  5. Thank @Allan, so I generated and put the file at /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched/ssdt.aml, how I can rollback, just remove the file?
  6. Hello, I am getting following warnings (they are red texts) while running ssdtPRGen.sh. Are they needed to fix? debug_3735.zip
  7. @Jake Lo I've attached gen_debug -sysprofile and pmset logs, can you please have a look? gen_debug-sysprofile_18962.zip pmset.zip
  8. I tried black.dragon74's EDID fix but it did not work... CLOVER-EDID-fix.zip
  9. @Jake Lo I have tried EDID fix but it does not work. Actually, my issue is different, when i put PC to sleep then press power button to wake it up, everything is not responding, no screen, no Caps Lock light, nothing except the light on power button. I have to press and hold power button to turn off the pc, then press again to turn it on. CLOVER.zip
  10. @Jake Lo, thank you, I've disabled Hibernation, generated and copied SSDT.aml but weak up still does not work. Any idea to fix it?
  11. Thank for quick response @Jake Lo So after applying config-HDMI.zip, it's not freezed anymore, but HDMI was still not work, and audio neither. I ended up with removing FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio.kext from /L/E, rebuild kext cache and reboot. Surprise, both HDMI and audio works correctly after that . Do you think it will cause any further issues if I don't install FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio.kext? HWMonitor is now showing temps but not CPU fan speed, any way to get that information displaying? I am opening only Safari with 4 tabs, all of CPU core temps are above 50°C, is that normal? It seems battery level is dropping a bit quickly, anyway to know that power management system has been installed correctly? Update: found another issue: sleep and wake don't work. It actually can go to sleep, but can not wake up
  12. Great, thank @Jake Lo, I have it installed and typing on it now. There is few more issues: - Multi-touch does not work with the trackpad, single touch and button do. - No sound. - No HDMI output, if I hot plug HDMI cable, the computer will be freezed, i will have to press and hold power button to turn it off and turn on again. - SD card reader does not work. How I can get HWMonitor software to display information about CPU temp, CPU fan speed, SSD temp and other information? Currently it's only showing internal battery information.
  13. Thank @Jake Lo, with the new config.plist, it's showing another error https://i.imgur.com/PggL1Tx.jpg
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