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  1. Hello, I finally managed to install MacOs Sierra on my Dell E6420, after several attemps It works well ! I'm happy ! I have just an issue with the wifi. The intel wifi doesn't work. But i have an edimax usb key. I installed the drvier downloaded here : http://www.edimax.com/edimax/post/post/data/edimax/global/mac10_support/ After restarded the pc, I have a new icon but just to turn on/off wifi, I cannot choose any wifi network. When I plug the edimax usb key, nothing happens, I thing the key is not detected by the system. Have u got a solution ? Could you pease help me to install wifi please ? Thanks a lot in advance. Julien.
  2. I downloaded the file E6420Yosemite.zip from the guide I used. I put the files Clover/*.* from this zip into the folder /EDI/Clover from my Usb key. After the installing, I mounted the EFI partition from my HDD with Clover Configurator and I put the same files from the zip to /EFI/Clover from my HDD.
  3. Hello everybody, I installed Yosemite on my Dell Latitude E6420 with this guide step by step. When I boot on my USB key and launch Yosemite from HDD, keyboard and trackpad work well. But when I boot directly from my HDD (where yosemite is installed), keyboard and trackpad doesn't work, I have to connect an usb keyboard and usb mouse. Could you please help me ? Thanks in advance.
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