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  1. the biggest problem for me is that the computer freez often..I do not know why this is happening ,and the lines on screen continue.
  2. bluetooth is permanently open I can change this ?
  3. i replace on clover this seams working with out lines on screen In: IOGraphicsFamily Find: 0100007522 Replace by: 010000EB22
  4. i replace touchpad claps lock working but https://imgur.com/a/xOufJ ok i find solution thanks Jake Lo i don't check HDMI and VGA yet
  5. https://imgur.com/a/ajwWR https://imgur.com/a/OFF9m EFI Folder https://ufile.io/p3jma
  6. hi all , i install high sierra on dell latitude e6220 and i have many problems my specs: i7 2640m 8 gb ram 128gb ssd 1. some times computer freeze 2. some times screen lines 3. battery detect but not working fine 4. no detect trackpad and caps lock need twice hit for work 4. audio working but different from sierra i use boot puck from here https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-xps-clover-guide/ VoodooPS2Controller r6b6 not work at all cant upload image or files server have problem.....
  7. hi all ... i have thinkpad x1 carbon 2gen & i need help to start hackintosh do have any other same laptop or similar ? specs: intel i7 4550u intel hd 5000 8gb ram 240gb m.2 ssd 14" 1600x900 (non touch) ( bios dedicated video memory available 256 or 512 )
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