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  1. Bump - Sorted it out, sorry didnt know how to upload media
  2. I have a patched DSDT - tried removing it and hitting F4 in clover, Ive added NullCPUPowerManagement, Ive tried using a patched version of the AICPM kext, Ive tried cpus=1 and cpus=2, I have 2 Xeon processors (6 core - 2.66/7GHz each). I have tried enabling C states Clover is running fine, its the OSX installer whats the issue. Have some photos of the problem attatched. Thanks in advance! Specs: [Z600 C2 Board with 24gb ddr3 (buffered) 2 Xeon X5650's @ 2.67GHz 180gb hdd [For macOS] 120gb ssd [For Win] 1TB hdd [Files] 1TB hdd [some other stuff] Images of panic:
  3. Sorry, forgot to say I got it working - I got clover working (what is my preffered loader)
  4. Hi I've been trying to get 10.12 running on a HP Z600 with 2 Xeon and a 960. So far it hasn't been successful and most the time when I use clover I get a blank screen with a underscore, and with chameleon I get /system/library/kernels/kernel is missing. I am using FakeSMC IOAHCIBlock NullCPI and AHCIPortInjector for kexts, and I have used nvda_drv=1 nv_disable=1, nothing in verbose either. When I install the kexts chameleon starts spitting out the missing kernel problem, and when I don't it just kernel panics. Ive tried making my own stick, using the create media tool. Every situation I've used clover and chameleon (been working on this for days). Thanks in advance!
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