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  1. I live problem with microphone. Microphone volume is too high. I set lowest setting in system preferences but not enough. How can set more lower? Because if I try use Siri or phone call I must be whisper.
  2. Im used that image with don't live any problem. Just I can't see remaining battery time. But I can see recharging time.
  3. I dont understand because my english not good. Just write this image with a image writer (im using win32 image writer on windows) After write change clover file with my file. And add-v boot flag for if give any error you can see.
  4. CLOVER.zip Here is my clover file im using on Mojave without any problem. And im use this image for install. Edit: Link Removed.
  5. Im suggest fresh install. Because some kext and patches not work with Mojave.
  6. Yeah not understand good. Your iMessage work ?
  7. My bios version is A03. A07 if better I can update .
  8. And I live usb problem after wake up. Some times need replug usb devices for work after sleep.
  9. Thank you reinstall os and use your file my audio and hd5500 working now. I have dw-1560 wireless card on my laptop but. iMessage and FaceTime doent work. I try all guide on internet but I can't fix it. You see any problem on my files ? I try MacBook Air 7.1 7.2 and MacBook Pro 12 which one is better for me ? Note: Airdrop Handoff İcloud App Store etc. work well.
  10. Hello. İ have Dell 5548 i5 5200u Broadwell hd5500 8gb ram Im made clean install Mojave and I try my old High Sierra working kext and clover file but audio hd5500 and brightness doesn't work now. And I think external graphic card not disabled because cpu fan work too fast and drain my battery. Thank for helps. Edit:I must remove Appleintelbdwframebuffer.kext because not boot with that kext. Send me MacBook-Air.zip
  11. Doesnt work. Im add dw1560 wireless card on my laptop. And I use a guid in youtube. After wireless card some times audio doesn't work after reboot and I must be change layout. And bluetooth work but not connect with my iPhone 7plus, some times never seen. I try update rehabmand pciid kext.
  12. layout 17 not sound after long sleep. I try 13 but doesn't work mic and headphone jack.
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