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  1. Try with this DSDT. If you use fix dsdt in clover, then disable FixDarwin and FixDarwin7 DSDT_modzilla.zip
  2. You can see from the pictures that you are loading the installer. Maybe try to install the system and continue the experiments there. Or something prevents the installation? At the time of installation, instead of the touchpad, you can connect your USB mouse
  3. Just unzip this archive, and put the file DSDT.aml in the root partition of the disk from which you are loading. DSDT.aml.zip
  4. Correct the name on the DSDT.aml, and put in the root
  5. I patched dsdt from your folder. They are so similar with mine that I loaded with yours and my trackpad works. Good luck and good night. DSDT_u.aml.zip
  6. jake-lo When you reached this step you can instruct Clover to use your modified DSDT by placing it into the directory EFI/CLOVER/OEM/xxx/ACPI/patched or - when the computer's name is not known yet - into EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched. Alternatively the OS can have its own DSDT in the root of the system partition. This is a quote from https://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Fixing-DSDT I always keep DSDT in the root of the system partition. But the choice, of course, is yours.
  7. utomi Have you tried to boot with my dsdt?
  8. Try with mine. I have an Intel i5 6300U processor. DSDT must be placed in the root directory of the disk from which you are loading. DSDT.aml.zip
  9. https://voodooi2c.github.io/#index Ask if someone has a ready DSDT for your laptop.
  10. Please try with this folder. EFI_for_utomi.zip
  11. Deii Latitude 5480, i5 6300U, HD520 mac OS 10.14

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