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  1. When i boot from the created MLPF ML Install-Stick und type "DSDT=/Extra/dsdt.aml arch=i386 -f" comes an Memory Error! dsdt.aml is the Name of my dsdt.
  2. Hi, i have (sorry for my english) install ML via Parallels Desktop for Mac in a virtual Machine. Then - with Carbon Copy Cloner - i have cloned the VM-HDD to real USB-HDD. Then, i install Chameleon to USB-HDD and copy Extra (DSDT etc). I have only Kexte for Yosemite but not for ML. (64bit). ML starts in 64bit on my x61, without x3100. Battery is not recognize. Sleep not work. Sound works, WLAN (Broadcom) works, No BT. Keyboard and Thinkpad red "Mouse" works. But, when i start MLPF the app say "no install file found". How can i install beta-kernel for 32bit Support?
  3. Hi! Big THX for your answer´s! Can i take all my 10.7.5 Kext (32bit) for ML? -> fakesmc etc?
  4. Hello! I have a ThinkMac x61 mit great working 10.7.5 Lion. Now i have read, Mountain Lion works with 32bit with Beta Kernel from Mountain Lion? What i need for Install? Give it a guide and files here for my x61 (non x61s or x61t or so)? Mountain Lion is a good choice for iMessge with x61.
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