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  1. Sorry for the late answer. And no I'm actually an USB mouse instead of the touchpad. (Keyboard is working- but it worked by default, using the bootpack I downloaded from a thread in this forum) at the moment I have problems with ethernet that is not recognized, replaced wifi card (a dw1830 - for info bluetooth is working but wifi no so I'm using a wifi dongle) and the trackpad. More or less is usable so in these days I'm using it as it as. In this period I don't have much time so I fix my hackintosh slower than normal.
  2. unfortunately it doesn't solve the prob but for the moment system is usable. next week I'll try again. thanks for the help
  3. Legacy boot is enable because I have ubuntu on it. Does it affect in anything? about audio, I tried to restore vanilla AppleHDA.kext but it doesn't work. maybe the other kext doesn't work at all. and touchpad stopped working after touching plist but If I restore previous plist file it doesn't back to work.
  4. removed ApplePS2Controller.kext from /EFI/Clover/kexts/Other, but situation didn't changed removed VoodooHDA from S/L/E, audio not working anymore. Can you tell me how are called (and located) the three ethernet kext? I noticed that ethernet are is not working anymore. maybe the three kext are blocking each other.
  5. Hello! we don't know your level of knowledge about hackintosh. I'm not an expert, but I found useful this guide. Hope it can help you. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-xps-clover-guide/
  6. Ok, copied my Clover folder from EFI (USB) to EFI (SSD). All working (audio, touchpad keyboard), but I lost my battery status. I tried to install rehabman ACPI battery kext, but not working. suggestions? EDIT: I tried to touch acpi paragraph on clover configurator. Adding FixDarwin7 and FixRegions, battery indicator back to work. but I lost Touchpad AGAIN T.T I tried to uncheck this two tics, but touchpad doesn't work anymore...
  7. I made a UEFI installer ok this evening I'll try to use this kext for alps touchpad, but before I'll try to copy my clover folder from usb to ssd. I noticed also that config.plist is a lot different. I'll also try to play a bit with them. Thanks for the advices guys.
  8. Ok I just realized that if I boot with my usb installer, headphone audio and touchpad are working perfectly. Maybe I can install kext I use for usb boot. I'm not an expert, so correct me if I'm wrong. Kext loaded during usb boot are located on efi partition of usb drive, isnt it?
  9. installed but doing the grep search on terminal it says it cannot find the device with a compatible ID..
  10. thanks for the reply. booting in Ubuntu I managed to discover my touchpad is ALPS
  11. Hello Everyone, First of all I would like to thank you all because reading (a lot of) threads in this forum I managed to install successfully OS Sierra on my latitude 7480 using a clover guide and bootpack guide for Kabylake I found on various threads on osxlatitude.com. Specs: - Processor: i7 7600U 2,9 MHz, - GPU: intel HD 620, - RAM: 16 GB 2400MHz DDR4, - WIFI card: intel 8265 (not compatible -> I'm using a dongle at the moment) - Touchpad: multi touch but I'dont know the model. Now, I would like to finish tuning it. In this moment I'm not able to solve these things: - Wifi. I understood that intel cards are not compatible, but I don't know where can I find a list of compatible cards with Mac OS Sierra and latitude 7480 (I'm using a tp-link dongle but I don't like it at all). - Bluetooth: as WiFi, it'ss not working (They are on same board). - Headphone audio: speaker audio is working well, but I noticed that headphones are not working well; if I don't insert jack at 100%, it sounds crackle, if I fully insert it, it doesn't sound. (Dunno how to solve, using ubuntu, audio jack is fully working, so no hardware problem). - Touchpad: it stopped working after installing clover on SSD instead of booting with usb installer. I'm sure there is a kext it's blocking it but I'm not able to find and fix it. (Keyboard is working after using voodooPS2controller.kext by rehab-man). Using usb mouse I temporarily "workarounded" the problem. - iMessage, iCloud: I read some threads about how to fix but I don't understand nothing at all. (it is not a priority now.) Anyone can help me? Some ideas? Thank you all.
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