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  1. I could fix the problem. Thanks for that. Now I have another problem. When I shutdown the X230 and have a stick in usb3, it turns off and goes on again. Like a reboot. In another forum this was solved via the DSDT. But this DSDT does not work for me. Can someone help me there? CLOVER.zip
  2. Should I install High Sierra in HFS + as Legacy?
  3. The update process is automatic. I have no partition hidden. I have no entry hidden in Clover Configurator. Nevertheless, I install now in HFS + and then test
  4. The problem is that I can not install the updates for 10.13. With the updates, the X230 does the reboot, where you have to select install from XXX. This selection does not appear. And the update will be offered again after the restart. Is there a trick?
  5. There is still a mistake. The battery indicator does not work when I use APFS. Before, I had installed HS with HFS +. What can I do now?
  6. NEW INFO... Shutdown works now. Now i have only 1 problem with Batterie indicator. The battery indicator freezes. If I turn on the percent, then update it. The percent do not go down alone. The battery or mains indicator does not change, too. debug_14953.zip CLOVER.zip
  7. Hello, I have a problem with reboot and shutdown. Shutdown is not working. The ThinkPad makes a reboot. In my DSDT is a patch, but this is not working for me. I use some patches. Look at File. It’s a X230 I5 3320 Thanks for your help debug_16330.zip patched.zip
  8. Hello, I have a problem with reboot and shutdown. If the PC is running for a while, reboot and shutdown will not work. If the PC runs only briefly, both work fine. I have already tried many settings in Clover. Nothing helped. During reboot or shutdown, the status bar fades out, but the dock remains and the PC does not shut down. I can only make a hard reset. Can I see somewhere, why the PC does not reboot? Log file or similar? I uploaded my latest bug report. Thanks for your help Hardware Model: modified HP Pavilion Desktop Mainboard: ASRock Fatal1ty B250M Performance CPU: I7 7700 GPU: Nvidia GTX1060 3GB Chipset: B250M Sound: ALC892 WLAN: Broadcom LAN: i219 SSD: 2X PCIe SSD 120GB OSX: 10.13.3 Bootloader: Clover debug_32163.zip
  9. Unfortunately, the error remains the same. I removed the fake ID. Now I see this text at the shutdown. Can you see something that is wrong?
  10. Sorry, it was Mavericks where it worked, not elcapitan. I will try and report it without Inject ATI.
  11. Has anybody an idea? I am still a beginner and can not solve this alone. I had El Capitan installed. The shutdown worked without problems. But the graphics card did not work.
  12. I changed the ACPI configuration to automatic in the BIOS. After that, the shutdown once worked. But not after that. I do not know why.
  13. Sleep and wake up works. But the display light always stays on. When I switch to ipomoea, the display blurs and I have glitches. Do I have to change the fake ID?
  14. Congratulations, the battery indicator works great. Thanks a lot for this. Now I only have the shutdown problem. Unfortunately, this still does not work. Do you have a solution for that?
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