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  1. Nobody who can or is willing to help me?
  2. To the experts - any hints or comments on this for the weekend. would have some time to test...
  3. Updated debug files as they could not be downloaded...
  4. Ok, first the screenshots for the not loaded kexts, which I assume I need. Is my assumption correct or do I misunderstand? Additionally the debug files. Basic question: Is this laptop worth to spend more time in order to get this system up and running? Or is this platform with the HD3000 so tricky, that its quite an effort to get a system running stable? Reason for this is question is, that I am thinking about an installation on my "old" e5450. Is this platform easier to do an MacOs installation? Please advise. debug_20179.zip debug_26331.zip
  5. OK, after a couple of days of, I am back and trying to finish this project. @Jake Lo: I downloaded the file and followed your guide - exactly how I understood it. Howes the usbinjector is still not loading. For what features is this essential and for what do I need it? Is it prerequisite for Bluetooth which is no longer available at my system? Additionally I am missing Audio now since this update. What did go wrong here or what do I do wrong here? Should I upload debug files again or screenshots? Appreciate any help for this. Thanks.
  6. Additional info: I have checked the originally used Efifolder for my installation downloaded from this side (guide from post 1) and there the config.plist contains MBP8,2. So my question: was the starting point already wrong? Is it better to make a clean install instead of tweaking around (not really sure what I am doing)? What guide should I use? Or can someone prepare me a setup (efi and all Needed add-one)? Thanks
  7. Hi Jake Lo, Actually I did download Herve's files and installed the kext in L/E as well as injected in in E/C/K. Now I did it again with the provided file (Installation with Kextbeast in L/E, rebuild cache with Kextupdater, update in E/C/K, restart) and for me the result seems the same as the kext is not loaded. I assume now that I am doing something basically wrong (remember Newbie). What is this or where is the problem? Thanks for your help
  8. Gents, can you please check my debug files. According to my SysInfo Extensions, some (a lot of) kexts are not loaded, including USBInjector.kext. As far as I understood, this is base f.ex. for Bluetooth. Let me know what you see. BTW: Freezes have not appeared since 2 day, which is good. Thanks
  9. OK guys - I am back on and my system seems to basically run OK (more or less). I followed the recommendations of Herve in post#2 1) Tried to clean-up and streamline S/L/E and L/E as well as having the "essential kexts" in E/C/K. Removed double kexts (except those in E/C/K, now confident to know how to handle kexts. 2) SMBIOS for MBP8,1 3) Deselected options in ACPI 4) Installed Lilu & WEG in L/E as well as in E/C/K Freezes haven't happened so far, but I am not that long running. However, during booting there still seem to be something not OK, at least this is how is appears to me in Verbose mode. So again can you please check my log files and let me know what you see and think. PLEASE remember, that I am a newbie and need easy and under stable instructions. Thanks debug_16581.zip
  10. Seen this guide, but not got HS - means that Kent is independent from OS? Usb is not working at all at the moment for cabled mouse. I cannot even boot from usb what is strange. Any idea?
  11. Where do I get “his files” from?
  12. Hi Herve, thanks for your quick Feedback. However while going through your list, reading some tutorials and guides, I screwed up somewhere and now have KP during boot. So now I am trying to boot with my USB installer in order to revert back. As soon as I managed this, I will come back.
  13. Hi all, I am a newbie for hackintoshs, however managed with the great guide of this forum to install High Sierra on my Dell E6220 with the i5. I used this guide: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-vostro-xps-clover-guide/ and everything I need seems to work. The only problem I am still facing is the know issue of random screen freezes with the HD3000 (screen freeze, mouse working, system should work as well). I was searching around about the backgrounds and tried different things (different kext, RAM upgrade, etc.), but my system still is not stable and freezes randomly. All my own research in console and log files did not help. So could one of the experts check my my attached log files I created last night and let me know, how to fix this and what to do step by step. Additionally I would be interested, how and where you figure out what is wrong with my system, as I did not manage (as long as this is possible for a newbie). Thanks for the help in advance. debug_5985.zip
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