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  1. Yip, after updating FakeSMC, cloning the directory structure with plugins from 1151.dmg, I've updated LILU and NvidiaGRaphicsFixup, and now it's working again!!!
  2. Hi there, I've previously setup and continued to run it as per the 1151.dmg instructions etc., but this morning after I've done the Security patches (10.12.6, which I postponed for a long time now), the dreared kernel panics hit. The specific error was a Lilu/vit9696/shiki, and after I've removed the lilu.ext from the Clover/10.12/FakeSMC's plugins, the system is booting, but nVidia is black screen I am able to get streaking display when I boot with nv_disable=1 (ie. VESA mode?) I've tried to load the latest Clover too, and reloaded the FakeSMC.ext, but still no display. Where do I start to find the problem, or steps I need to redo from the .DMG? GTX760 i5- Asus Z170-A Clover 4411