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  1. I see, indeed for mobile graphics you must fake desktop id 0412. The only mobile ig-platform-id that I can use with fake id 0412 are 04160002 and 0a260008, both without graphics acceleration, so will try and troubleshoot graphics acceleration using them . Will also recreate EDID and test.
  2. I tested backlight with torch, its not a backlight issue. What I have discovered, if I replace Fake IntelGFX 0x04128086 with IntelGFX 0x04168086 then i am able to successfully boot with graphics using all the mobile Hawsell ig-platform-id's such as 0x0a260006 but I don't have graphics acceleration. So i'm still stuck using Desktop Haswell ig-platform-id 0x0d220003 for graphics acceleration with QE/CI on laptop. So far it seems like I'm unable to use the mobile ig-platform-id.
  3. Tried but no success.
  4. Hello Herve, Bronxteck... thank you both for your time and replies With Core i7-4710QM Intel integrated HD4600 I am unable to use ig-platform-id 0x0a260006. I tested 0x0a260006 with Fake ID 0x04168086 and FakePCIID + FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics and my Thinkpad boots to a black screen. I also tried different kext combinations, also injected EDID plus a custom EDID following excellent instructions here at OSXLatitude but laptop will still boot to a black screen. Out of 16 Haswell ig-platfrom-id's my Thinkpad will only work with the following: Desktop - 0x0d220003 --- > with Graphics Acceleration QE/CI but not perfect. Mobile - 04160002 --> No Graphics Acceleration Mobile - 0a260008 --> No Graphics Acceleration The recommended mobile: 0x0a260006 with Fake ID 0x04128086 and RM's FakePCIID + FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics seem not to work with i7-4710QM. At the moment I have graphics acceleration QE/CI using the minimum configuration: VID to IGPU with ACPI DSDT Patch Fake ID with no ID set ig-platform-id: 0x0d220003 IntelGraphicsFixup.kext ( with AppleBacklightInjector + IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup both removed ) MacBookPro11,2 If I remove IntelGraphicsFixup.kext from the minimum configuration above then the laptop will have no graphics acceleration. I also tried smbios MacBookPro11,1 and had same problem. Can you think of anything else that I could test, had a google around and there is loads of helpful Thinkpad T440 guides and no T540p's . Please can you bear in mind, I'm not the most advanced hackintosher when it comes to DSDT / SSDT and patching. I there anything that I could be missing that is preventing recommended ig-platform-id 0x0a260006 from working.
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