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  1. after i downloaded the macOS Sierra, i used clover to Macintosh SSD and choose the same option of legacy boot but when i launched EFI-Mounter v3, it appears only EFI of USB i have copied the EFI folder of usb to Macintosh SSD/EFI manully then when i reboot the image appear, i must put usb in the same socket to boot to the system.
  2. after i did exactly like the post of installation, the laptop start up with clover i choose mac partition then the laptop turned off (didn't start the mac OS).
  3. you are my hero. can you learn me how to i know about this (EFI,CLOVER and Config)
  4. after 10 mins the laptop goes to sleep, i waked up but still black window with nothing.
  5. the native resolution is 1366 by 768 how much time must i give? no.
  6. the boot make it UEFI or Legacy?
  7. it doing some codes and give me a black screen.
  8. what's meaning of kernel panic?
  9. how can i display the EFI partition again?
  10. i already did it. i have downloaded the Generic EFI folder EFI_4439.zip and replaced it with the old EFI, then Downloaded E5520_A14 and added the contents into the Generic /EFI/Clover folder and resetted my BIOS to loading Default.Then go back and change to AHCI. but i got the same result.
  11. i do all steps to 26 then i go with Legacy: Install Clover in the ESP Bootloader/Install boot0af in MBR CloverEFI/CloverEFI 64-bits SATA then what? i didn't understand
  12. i have this error on my dell latitude e5520, can any one help me?