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  1. I have tried : 1. patched AICPM from Herve (https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/10066-vanilla-and-patched-high-sierra-kernels-patched-aicpupm-kexts/) 2. AICPM (not sure if patched) from rampagedev: (it's provided in his DUAL CPU.dmg) both results in kernel panics and pointing to AICPM as the culprit. I've ran these 2 after installing the kext into SLE - sudo chown -R root:wheel /S/L/E/AICPM.kext - sudo chmod -R 755 /S/L/E/AICPM.kext workarounds that I found: 1. removing AICPM.kext from SLE 2. using NullPower.Kext (not sure of full filename) Any more ideas? Thanks Some info: 1. Sandy Bridge EP Xeon CPUs 2. C602-based motherboard 3. GTX770 my config.plist
  2. " add that to your clover drivers folder" I assumed when you said "that", you meant apfs.efi? If yes then I already have apfs.inside drivers64 and drivers64UEFI. But it shouldn't matter in my situation since I formatted the SSD as HFS+ (in original post). --------------- As a test last night, I again wiped the partition table of the HDDs used in the array using a Linux USB installer (sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=1M count=100) and clover started working again. I can also see the SSD and it's one of the bootable options (installation not finished yet).
  3. during installation, I opened up disk utility to: 1. format my single SSD to HFS+ 2. create an array using 4x 1TB drive (striped) Installer then copied the files into the SSD and rebooting. Clover cannot get to the disk selection screen. I've tried this process several times and it always boot loops at this point. As a test, I zeroed out the 4x HDDs (sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=1M count=100) using a Linux USB installer and I was able to get to the disk selection screen again. some info: 1. I'm using clover 4509 2. the 4x 1TB used to be a Windows10 striped software array and Clover had no issues with those. 3. if I insert a bootable USB (Windows or Linux or a OSX+clover for example) into any of the Intel USB2 slots, the motherboard will boot from it automatically. I've set on the bios (or is it UEFI?) to automatically add bootable USB into the boot options. 4. When I installed clover into my USB installer, I installed all drivers64 and drivers64UEFI drivers. Any suggestion on how to fix this? Thanks!
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