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  1. I reset bios and it works perfectly with your EFI. Thanks for supporting me.
  2. I tested a few days. This solution does not work. I am researching for a new solution for this problem.
  3. it seems to work, I'll test it for a few more days. Thank you very much
  4. I created kext from FixEDID app and used this kext in OC, But it does not work. I will try your solution. Can you share your EFI with me?
  5. I tried the first way, but it does not work. if I create custom edid, I don't know where to put it in open core
  6. Can I fix EDID this way? https://github.com/mrhuy92/Dell-Percision-5510-OSX/tree/10.15/Dell 5510 4K EDID Or do I have to inject Custom EDID into config.plist.
  7. Hi @all, I am using dell precision 5510 - I7 6820HQ, 16GB, 512GB, 4K screen. I installed macOS 10.15.6 with open core version 0.6.0. But I can't wake up from sleep. It has been black screen while the keyboard and power button are still active. My EFI EFI.zip
  8. I am upgrading my EFI for mac 10.15.4, but it stuck in alps loader.
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