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  1. Thank you, audio so good but i still lost microphone?
  2. Sorry, audio is lost, can you please check back for me? debug_24869.zip
  3. So I have brightness bar, but ưhen I change another value, it's same old. But when I sleep, the brightness works. And I have a new problem when I shutsown and boot agian is panic, I shutdown and boot agian succeed. It's repetitive. And microphone not works Do I need create SSDT use ssdPRGen.sh ?
  4. I change id 13, but now it have stange noise(it's loudly), i installed codeccommand, i just have microphone in the fist time boot, it lost in next boot. Brightness still not work after sleep
  5. update APPLEALC, i have suond but l lose microphone and the brightness stll not work debug_243.zip
  6. SO microphone and brightness not work, what do I fix?
  7. the brightness isn't showing in display Preference, and I just find a problem. after use headphone a few seconds , the headphone suddenly stops and sounds very strange (it's loud), and the CPU clock goes up debug_17603.zip
  8. Unexpectedly, when I re-use your latest file, many things work fine. That is luck, thank you very much, but I can not control the brightness, how do I know the brightness is working or not?
  9. debug_5775.zip so I reset my laptop, and I use config rebman, can you help me to patch DSDT again for me? so now I just find problem brightness and touchpad, SD card, and headphone
  10. Yes, it's NOT enable and i turn on it but it still panic
  11. Usb save me when panic, show i coppy usb to efi, and add your file, i see FixHeaders enabled, but it still panic, so i enable autoMerge, it't still panic
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