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  1. AeroMac.ioreg Hello, I have an Aero 15x V8 Laptop with an Elan PS2 Touchpad. I'm on High Sierra 10.13.5 I use this driver which works with my trackpad and allow to access Sysprefs>Trackpad Options. However, i have 2 issues : -The trackpad often freezes for 1-2 seconds, especially after clicking but not only. -The options made on Sysprefs>Trackpad are working but not upon reboot. (For example if i check double finger tap=contextual menu, it works. But upon reboot it doesn't work anymore. If i open Sysprefs>Trackpad, the option is still checked. If i uncheck et recheck the option, it works again... until reboot). I've tried v4.5, v4.6.5, v4.7 beta 5 Anyone having the same issue? Any idea on how to resolve this? Thanks!
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